Traffic to the Drudge Report sinks as content turns against Trump


The Drudge Report released a 45 percent decrease in web traffic in September as its content turned against Trump ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election.

The numbers – derived from comScore, which tracks the industry – have been released in a report by TheRighting, a website that analyzes traffic to right-leaning websites. TheRighting told the Post that Drudge Report had 1,291,000 unique visitors in September, according to numbers provided by comScore, down from 2,340,000 in the same month a year ago.

The September eye-popping decline marks the ninth month in a row that the site of the aggregation of political news managed by incarcerated founder Matt Drudge has reported declining traffic, TheRighting said.

Drudge had been a promoter of Donald Trump in anticipation of the 2016 election and was also invited to the White House in 2017. But the site and its founder, who made their name for the first reports on the Monika Lewinsky scandal in the 1990s, she has been criticized by some of her former readers, including the president, for having linked largely negative stories about the president in recent months.

“Congratulations Dan. You, Breitbart and others have decimated business in Drudge, ”he said. the president tweeted before this month. “It’s gone the way of the @NBA, ratings have dropped by 70%. People want the TRUTH! The Drudge Report is sold out, it’s suffered a massive ‘nervous breakdown.’ What’s happening @FoxNews ???”

The lucky “Dan” Trump appears to be Dan Bongino, founder of fast-growing, which saw its unique visitor traffic grow 780 percent in September, according to TheRighting.

ComScore has repeatedly denied The Post’s request for its traffic data on the Drudge Report, which has been a topic of conversation among media and Wall Street circles in recent months due to rumors that Matt Drudge sought a minority investor. Drudge did not return calls seeking comment.

The stories at the top of the Drudge Report on Friday include a link to Washington Post article on Trump’s public reflections on a potential loss for Joe Biden and a History about the growing regional delays in U.S. Postal Service delivery times.

The decline in the Drudge Report comes at a time when consumers are eating political news from both sides of the aisle leading to a highly-charged presidential election, which has helped push traffic to right-leaning news sites, according to TheRighting.

“Strong audience growth for most conservative websites continues to be driven by a fierce news environment that shows no signs of refreshing,” said Howard Polskin, president and chief curator of TheRighting, which slogan is “Warn the liberal public about today’s titles from the right.”

“Notable stories from September 2020 include the escalation of the pandemic, the dramatic revelations in Bob Woodward’s latest book about President Trump, the fireworks that characterized the first Trump-Biden debate, Ruth’s death Bader Ginsburg, the controversial nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and the explosive story in the New York Times about Trump’s tax returns, ”Polskin said. “These stories played out like a reality show and kept the audience engaged throughout the month as they continued to turn to the media to learn the latest developments as they unfolded.”

It also dropped the right-wing conspiracy site InfoWars, founded by Alex, which saw traffic drop 1 percent for the fifth month in a row, The Righting said. The Daily Caller also saw traffic drop 9 percent for the month as it recorded its second monthly drop in a row.

The largest conservative site with a large firm margin is Fox News, up 9 percent in September compared to a year ago, with 104.1 million unique visitors. That’s lagging behind CNN, which drew 144.5 million unique visitors, up 11 percent, but surpasses the New York Times records, which drew 95.1 million unique visitors in September, up of 3 percent compared to the same month a year ago, and the Washington Post, which shot. 91.6 million unique visitors, up more than 3 percent from a year ago, TheRighting said.

There was a big gap from number one site, Fox News, to site # 2, the Washington Examiner which drew 15.9 million unique visitors, (+11 percent) and site # 3, The Blaze, which attracted 12.3 million unique (+106 percent).

The fastest growing sites in percentage were # 16 + 780 percent to 2.6 million unique, # 9 The Gateway Pundit + 456 percent to 5.7 million unique visitors a month, and site # 13, CNS News +417 percent to 3.9 million unique visitors.

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