Fans of the jets warn: the cartoons could ruin Trevor Lawrence’s dreams


You … you with the bag over your head. … Everyone knows who you are … If you’re a fan of Jets, and you’re nervous, you’re exhausted from anxiety, there’s a pit in your stomach.

It’s not because you have a sinking feeling that your Jets will fall to 0-10.

It’s the possibility of your males pulling you out of every Sunday shocking the Chargers.

It’s a real possibility.

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn sent the same message to his team that will hold you hostage for three harrowing hours on Sunday:

Watch out for the dog.

On Yellow Brick Road at 0-16 and Trevor Lawrence (or 1-15 and Justin Fields), this is the biggest hole.

The Chargers don’t know how to lose like the Jets do, but they don’t make mistakes, they know how to lose. They’re 2-7, and five defeats have been five points or less.

What should concern the Jets fanatic is the fight of the losing losers shown against the Patriots.

The Jets have a chance to beat Anthony Lynn and Justin Herbert’s Chargers which could ruin their fans ’dreams of getting Trevor Lawrence.
The Jets have a chance to beat Anthony Lynn and Justin Herbert’s Chargers which could ruin their fans ’dreams of getting Trevor Lawrence.Getty Images

Do you they may want to go from 0 to 16, but they don’t want to live the rest of their lives with the ignominy of 0 to 16.

Every team that loses its first nine games of the season has nothing to lose, nothing to fear, but nothing to fear.

Every team that plays the team that has lost its first nine games of the season has everything to lose, and everything to fear including fear itself.

What is undoubtedly worrying for the Jets fan is whether the week of training that comes when he has done so will bring all of this Jets impulse to a strenuous halt.

Then there’s Joe Flacco’s business – that’s for sure it looked like Joe Cool for a big part of the Patriots game – launched missiles at the triumph of Breshad Perriman, Denzel Mims and Jamison Crowder in a Chargers secondary that intercepted just three passes and returned 18 touchdowns. Maybe they can all stay healthy in time for a Sam Darnold (shoulder) forward to return next week against Tua Tagovailoa, but first things first.

The Jets fan will tell a lot about a vengeful Kalen Ballage and a decimated secondary that the figures are at the mercy of. Justin Herbert, gunman of the rookie phenom playing pitch-and-catch with Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Hunter Henry.

Then again, the Jets fan who is familiar with a sleeping Samson who lost his strength when a Philistine cut his hair several years earlier before the Super Bowl III should be back in horror when Herbert showed up for his conference Wednesday print with most of his locks coughing.

Herbert (19 touchdowns, six interceptions) was confused by the Dolphins ’amaeba defense last Sunday and didn’t seem nearly as eager to confront the evil Gregg Williams when he said,“ It’s a tough defense to face because you have to be prepared for many things. “

Well, as for the rookie quarterbacks facing Williams in 2019, Gardner Minshew (three TD, zero INT) and Daniel Jones (four TD, zero INT) have been prepared for a number of things, even if Dwayne Haskins (two TD, one) INT) was not.

To prevent the Jets fan from losing hope, this would be a good time to remind him that for every Super Bowl III, there is a Buttfumble.

Keep the Faith: The return of Joey Bosa (4.5 yards) from a concussion will help a Chargers defense in combat that is tied for 27th in takeaways.

And the youth movement in the Jets ’high school – Frank Gore was in high school when these puppies were born – will feature rookies Bryce Hall and Ashtyn Davis.

And guess who the Jaguars 1-8 play? I 9-0 Steelers!

For Adam Gase’s jets, this would be the perfect moment to see the scoreboard. Alas, they seem laser focused on Chargers instead. Just because Williams enjoyed the energy and communication in Friday’s practice doesn’t mean it translates into play. But the film doesn’t lie. The Chargers shouldn’t be 8.5 points favorite over anyone.

Watch out for the dog.

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